First Time Homebuyer

Martice was knowledgeable and understanding in her search for helping me find the right home for me. She listened to my requirements and paid attention to details. Martice met with me and explained her process and each step that would take place in the search for my new home. She was very calm,  positive and reassuring when I thought there were problems, she managed to resolve them and made the process as smooth as possible. By the time we got to step 8 of her process all I could feel was gratitude for my new home. I had to make some changes to the home but it was worth it all. I did not see what she saw in the beginning but now I see and am so glad that I listened and followed her 8 step plan. It was a journey that I’m glad to have gone on. Thank you Martice for finding this wonderful home for me.

— Paulette G.